Monday, October 19, 2009

The Bonnie Z Yates seminar series

Dear Friends, Parents, Caregivers,Teachers, Special Education Administrators, Regional Center Representatives

I would like to tell you about,
An Evening with the Experts!

------On November 17, 2009, parents will have a unique opportunity to learn from three autism experts how they use their testing, observation and analysis to refute inappropriate District/Regional Center recommendations and establish the basis for a research based, intensive intervention.

This is a seminar and panel discussion about educational testing for children and adults with disabilities.

Although it has general applicability for all disabilities,
it is especially focused on autism. It will offer valuable information for parents, students, clinicians, educators and medical professionals.

Although not always well understood by the general public, assessment from a qualified expert is critical to obtaining intensive autism services.

A qualified neuropsychologist is uniquely capable of developing assessment evidence that can be used to persuade the school District to settle an educational dispute without the need for litigation.-------

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