Thursday, October 22, 2009

"Why me?" by Zack Gonzalez

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I would like to tell you about Zack Gonzalez our guest blogger during the month of October. If you have any questions for Zack Gonzalez, Author, Advocate ,Host of "it's on with Zack add a comment to this post.

Why me? This is the questions many teens or just siblings in general ask when they find out that their sister or brother has autism. Or a better question is, “what is autism?” Many times we are lost when we find out our siblings are autistic. We don’t know what it or why it is happening but really the answers are clear, we just need to open our eyes to them.
Autism does not have to be this monster that other people make it out to be; it is a hidden gift. Right away we think of it as bad but really we need to see that it is a gift right from God that He is giving us to use to change the world. So many times people search and devote their time to finding out what they are destined to do and here us sibling are with it practically given to us. We can change the world with autism. We can do so many different things. It teaches us discipline, patience, and maturity; three things we need to be successful. We can use it to become an advocate or we can use it to change the way we think. For me, I always had a negative take on things and when I stopped looking at the bad in autism, I started looking at the good in everything else. I saw the potential in my brother and it helped me to find my voice and helped me find out how to help my brother. It has also opened my eyes so much to see everything else around me and it helped me find out what needed to be done in order to make this world a better place for my brother. So I say, don’t look at the bad but at the good! Look it as a special gift and always remember to be there for your siblings. Accept them and help others accept them too. Always remember that it is a gift not a cure; you are not be punished!

Zack Gonzalez

Author of Saving Deets!: A Family's Journey with Autism

Host of "it's on with Zack" (

Advocate for Autism

Play Now for Autism Executive Chair

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I would like to say thank you to Zack Gonzalez for such a great and informative post!

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  1. Zack seems like such a good big brother! "Autism does not have to be this monster that other people make it out to be; it is a hidden gift." If only the world would feel this wa. Everyone that knows anyone with Autism needs to get this book!!!!!!
    Zack is it hard to tell your friends about Deets?

  2. How long did it take you to write your book?

  3. Zack it is about accepting each other! parents accepting that child has autism. Was it hard for your parents to accept that?

  4. Thank you for your comments and questions!

    1: Kristall Thank You! My friends know I have a "special" brother. I explained it to them. It wasn't really that difficult, it's just all the questions that come from telling them that's a little tough but as long as you know how to explain things in a way people can understand, it's all good!

    2: It took me about 6-7 months to write the book.

    3: Allie, it was a really big shock to my family. It was tough understanding it but the acceptance was not too much of an issue for my mom and step-father. They just looked it up and tried doing the best they could to make things better for my brother.