Thursday, October 15, 2009

Dine Out with Autism!

Dear Friends!

Dining out with Autism Awareness is a community-oriented restaurant offering families
impacted by autism the chance to feel more comfortable and enjoy dining out with other
families that understand their unique situation in a place that is accommodating to their needs. At no cost to the resturants!A packed restaurant on a typically slow night, Free publicity, and The chance to market to a new audience! The families will need some Accommodations (lower the music etc). We will get the word out! We offer free training to your staff! This night isn't just for families with autism. Other community members came and
increased their understanding of the impact autism has on so many families today. We work with more then 50 families In the San Fernando Valley. You give us a day that you all feel happy with. And we will work with that. Any restaurant in the SFV!

If you are a restaurant and would like to help please

If you are a family that would like us to talk to a restaurant let us know!!

Thank you,
Tatiana Mendoza
CEO and Founder

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